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The Comprehensive Package Process

MBA applications are time-intensive and very different from PT school applications! Keith recommends reaching out as soon as you think about the idea. Keith will help set you on the right path during the 30 minute free consultation - start off on the right footing!

Post Application Support
Interview Preparation

Keith will help you prepare for your interviews with mock interviews and tasks such as interviewer and specific school research.


The process doesn't end after being accepted into an MBA program! Keith will continue to provide support for tasks such as: getting off the waitlist, negotiating scholarships, choosing the right program, etc. 


Physical therapists have valuable skills that translate to many areas of business, but MBA programs and the business industry often overlook these skills. Keith will help you make sure that these skills are valued.


Comprehensive Package


This is a flat rate package for five program applications. Why five and why flat rate? Three is the maximum Keith recommends applying to at a time. A flat rate package is comprehensive, so physical therapists who are not familiar with the process do not have to pick and choose services that they do not know if they need or not. $4000 may seem a lot, but it is only about 1/3rd the price of a typical MBA Admissions consultant (see FAQ).

Additional Programs

The comprehensive package is designed to empower the applicant to apply to more programs, if desired - just like any good physical therapist designing a home exercise program for a patient! However, some applicants may benefit from continuing with the structured comprehensive process for additional schools. This package builds on the comprehensive package for future applications in a later admissions cycle.

$500 each

Continued MBA Support


Got into an MBA program? Keith will help you navigate the transition to the business world and help you land the lucrative internship/job you desire. The business world is sorely lacking in understanding the physical therapist skillset - this package is designed to help physical therapists demonstrate their value and experience to potential employers.

Money Back Guaranteed

Keith will offer a full refund at any time if you are not happy with the level of service.

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