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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an admissions consultant?

The MBA and business industry is a completely different world and physical therapists are not trained to navigate that world. There are specific things MBA programs look for that physical therapists need to include in their application; people from business backgrounds have a huge advantage because they know what their industry values. Keith will identify and help applicants do what it takes to get into a top MBA program. Take it from Keith - he applied to 10 programs with his first round of applications and was not admitted to even one, despite a 97 percentile test score that was well above the average of every school he applied to.

Can you tell me more about the free consultation?

The free consultation is a 30 minute call between you and Keith to discuss your career and life goals and whether an MBA (and what type of MBA) is appropriate for those goals. We will also discuss specific admissions consulting needs, potential tasks that you may need to complete before moving forward with the comprehensive package, the application process, etc. You do not need to prepare or have done any research ahead of time - that is what Keith is here for! It is a completely no-pressure call. Keith may recommend that you pursue alternative options...some patients may not benefit from PT and just like PT, some people may not need or benefit from an MBA or admissions consulting for an MBA.

Is the comprehensive package really worth $4000?

Yes, absolutely! Keith started this because it is what he wish he had before wasting time and money on applying to MBA programs himself. A targeted and well designed application strategy not only means a savings in application fees (~$250 per program), but admittance into a program with a scholarship. MBA programs, unlike DPT programs, give out scholarships, ranging from $10,000 to $150,000 (full ride + stipend). A good application can be the difference between a $10,000 scholarship and a $150,000 scholarship. Furthermore, $4000 is approximately 33% of the going rate for an MBA admissions consultant (comparisons: mbaMission, Fortuna, Stacy Blackman). Getting into a top program and getting a top scholarship is big money!

Why are you less expensive than others?

Keith is doing this because he has spoken to many PTs who are burned out and looking for alternative ways to move forward with their careers. Throughout the entire MBA applications process, Keith made a lot of costly mistakes and he is passionate about helping other PTs avoid those mistakes.

Why not hire other MBA consultants?

Other MBA consultants are fantastic for traditional applicants and Keith ended up hiring an admissions consultant after being turned down by 10 programs - BUT, as Keith has learned, no one in the business world understands physical therapy and there are very specific things that physical therapists need to make obvious. Case in point: Keith was once told by a healthcare administrator that he does not have any experience working in a hospital...Keith knows what MBA programs look for in applicants and how to shape a physical therapist's experience for MBA admissions staff.

Can I apply to more than 5 programs?

The comprehensive package covers support for 5 programs and you can purchase support for additional programs for $500. However, Keith does NOT recommend more than 5 programs for one admissions round. Just as patients should trust their physical therapist, please trust Keith on this. Keith recommends that you put all of your effort on getting into those 5 programs, receiving at least one admittance, and then applying to more schools at a later round (MBA admissions are split into three "rounds").

Will you help me if I'm not a physical therapist?

Sorry, you must be a licensed physical therapist. Keith's expertise is specifically with assisting physical therapists with MBA admissions. Keith recommends looking for other specialized MBA admissions consultants that are specific to your field.

Are there pre-requisites for the comprehensive package?

Other than being a licensed physical therapist, there are no hard pre-requisites. However, there are certain things that must be completed before starting the comprehensive package. We will go over these in the initial free 30 minute consultation, so no need to worry about these now! 

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